management training


Our counseling practice has taught us the value of management training. We believe that the best way to avoid litigation is to ensure that employers are aware of the legal issues which may cause problems in the workplace. This is the foundation of our "preventive" philosophy. To increase this awareness, our attorneys regularly provide management training on legal and employee relations issues.

Our employment law attorneys offer practical training for all employers, including all levels of management. We provide tools to teach managers not only how to identify legal issues within their organizations, but how to successfully navigate around them and use the law as a tool for making necessary personnel decisions. To further facilitate these goals, our training sessions are specifically tailored to each client’s objectives and incorporate many unique California-specific rules and regulations.

We conduct training programs for private and public-sector employers of all sizes. Our attorneys develop and conduct training programs for both supervisory and non-supervisory employees. The training programs and workshops are designed to meet a client's specific needs in a wide variety of workplace issues, such as:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance

  • Family Medical Leave Act Compliance

  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention

  • Trade Secrets and Proprietary Issues

  • Investigating Employee Misconduct

  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Social Media and Privacy Issues in the Workplace

  • Effective Discipline and Discharge

  • Labor Relations and Union Organizing

  • Wage and Hour Compliance

  • Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Independent Contractors Classifications