Under the Preferred Legal Compliance Option, the employer receives a current employment handbook that is compliant with California and Federal law. 

The first section of the employment handbook contains a comprehensive list of required and recommended employment policies and practices that comply with both California and Federal law.  Polices in this section include but are not limited to Equal Employment Opportunities; Prohibited Harassment; Meal and Rest periods; Overtime; Prohibited Retaliation; Open Door Policy; Mandatory Meetings and Training; Employment Classifications; Personnel Records; Expense Reimbursement; Punctuality and Attendance; Company Property and Facilities; and Terminations.

The second section of the Company Policy Handbook contains employee benefits and leaves of absence.  Benefits described in this section include, but are not limited to, Vacation, Sick Leave, Holidays and Insurance Benefits. This section also includes all leaves of absence policies and leave-related notices required under California and Federal law. 

The final section of the handbook contains policies pertaining to standards of conduct, which include but are not limited to Confidential Information; Customer Relations, Prohibited Conduct; Personal Standards; Safety, Drug and Alcohol and Corrective Action.  


Advanced-level customization is required if you wish to revise your existing handbook.  During this process, our legal team will perform a legal compliance review and revision of each policy in your handbook.  Policies not included in your handbook that are either required or that our legal team considers beneficial will be added, including any required benefits, applicable statutory leaves, and other employment policies.   

Advanced-level handbook customization includes a 1.5-hour phone or in-person consultation and a 1-hour phone consultation to finalize the handbook revisions.  During the 1.5-hour consultation, you will have an opportunity to convey specific areas of concern and describe employment and labor practices that are specific to your business.  During the second consultation, an attorney will provide clarification regarding the handbook revisions, notate additional requested changes and answer any questions regarding the handbook policies.  Following the second consultation, additional work, up to one hour, is included under this level of advanced customization.  Situations may arise in which one hour of additional work following the second consultation is insufficient to cover additional work required, such as the drafting of industry-specific policies, highly technical agreements and other specific requests.  You will be informed when requested legal work falls outside the scope of the Preferred Legal Compliance flat fee and have the option to defer such work or proceed subject to our  attorney hourly billing rate. 


Under the Standard Legal Compliance Option, an Arbitration Agreement is also provided as an addendum to the Company Policy Handbook.


Under the Preferred legal Compliance Option, an attorney will review and update up to five of your existing stand-alone Personnel Documents.  


The following employment documents are provided under the Preferred Legal Compliance Option:   

  • Employee Application Form 
  • Employee Offer Letter and Agreement
  • Performance Review Form
  • Disciplinary Action Form
  • Termination Form


Employers who purchase any one of our Basic, Standard or Preferred Legal Compliance Options are eligible to participate in our continuing legal compliance program. At a monthly flat rate based on employer size, employers receive:

  • An allotment of up to two hours of one-on-one attorney consultation and/or research time
  • A comprehensive yearly handbook update incorporating all new state and federal laws and
  • Guaranteed seating at our Employment and Labor Law Updates Seminar at the start of each year



Preferred Legal Compliance Option: $750


Legal consultation exceeding the scope of  Advanced-level handbook customization information exchange is available on request at the attorney's hourly rate. Multi-state handbook preparation is also available. Please contact us for additional information.