Prohibited/Sexual Harassment Training


In light of the ongoing focus on fairness and safety in the employment relationship, the California Legislature has mandated specific training requirements that are fixed upon cultural change in workplaces and aimed at ensuring employees fully understand their rights and responsibilities regarding sexual harassment. As of January 1, 2019, in accordance with SB 1343, California law requires that all employers, with 5 or more employees, provide prohibited sexual harassment trainings for both their managers and employees.

Our firm’s experienced attorneys have developed trainings designed specifically to fulfill this new legal requirement. SB 1343 increases the number of employers who must provide trainings, and expands the number of employees who must attend trainings. Since all employers with 5 or more employees must now provide this training, it is urgent that employers secure high-quality trainings for all of their employees. Once completed, these trainings will continue to be required at least every two years and when new employees are brought onboard through the hiring process.

The training offered by our attorneys complies with the requirements of the new California statutes. Training for non-supervisory employees is one hour and the training for management employees is two hours. As required by California law, the topics covered in the presentations include the following: harassment, retaliation, abusive conduct, gender, sexual orientation, and hiring practices. In order to ensure comprehension of the material, our training is interactive and provides questions and hypotheticals throughout the presentation for all employees and supervisors to answer and explore. At the end of the training, each employee and supervisor will receive a certificate of completion, verifying that they received the training.